Professionalism, Pornography, and Palm-aid

Joes Barbell
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Excellence isn’t easy to define.  It’s usually something you just recognize, witness, or even better are a part of.  Not sure what I’m getting at?  Examine then the commonality between professionalism and pornography.  You may not always be able to define excellence regarding the two but when you see it you sure know it.       

Don’t worry, Szymanek Hawaii wasn’t caught up in some weird Eyes Wide Shut orgy this past weekend, but we were able to witness some true professionals excel at what they do best.  Eliza and I were invited to be models in a hair show.  Yeah I know what you’re thinking (me too); what the hell was Eliza doing there!?!  The show was great, we both walked away with sweet cuts, top notch products, and a new found respect for barbers.  Sorry, I mean hair cutters.  No no, it’s stylist… right?
Besides walking away with a new do I was in awe of how much effort and passion the stylist put into their craft.  As the Keune North American National Stylist Team (I hope that’s correct?), this crew supposedly sits high on the hair cutters food chain, and they acted like it.  What is Keune and why do they have a North American Team?  It’s a European product line that’s been around since 1922.  From what I gather Keune is a big deal on the other side of the pond.  I hope I’m right by saying this, but I gather they are like Paul Mitchell over here.  The point of the show was to highlight their products, show other stylist how to use them correctly, and dish out some “Hot Tips” to eager stylists looking for a little continuing education.  In my case they discussed some point cutting technique, beard trimming, and highlighting the natural color your client’s hair.  Not since attending my Crossfit Level 1 Cert. or being sold on cloth diapers have I come across such passionate advocates for their craft and products.  These people loved what they did, were really good at it, and seemed to dish out some dynamite info.  Hell, they were good enough to get me to ditch the maternity mop.  I figured it best to leave my hair in the capable hands of the professionals.  When I showed up I pretty much told them to do whatever they wanted.
The team from Keune didn’t disappoint.  From the reaction I got from Eliza, the people at the show, and my crossfitting cronies at 808 it was time for a cut.  Problem is I think they may have created a monster.  Up until last weekend every hair cut I have ever gotten has been $15 or less.  This is a shot in the dark but I’m guessing if want this level of service on my next cut I’m going to have to pony up a little more than 15 bucks.  I just don’t think I can put my hair in the hands of Trina at Sheers Our Us ever again.  Who knows?  The point of this story isn’t how sweet my hair looks or where I’m getting my next cut.  The point is that it was refreshing to come across a group of people who carried about what they do and were willing to share their tricks of the trade with other.