somethings never change

Joes Barbell
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The following post is a little different, a bunch personal, and hopefully seen in the correct light by the right person.  Simply put it’s a long winded attempt at saying thanks dad.  Aside from over eating and over gifting I hope each of you find a few moments and let the important people in your life know that they are just that – Happy Holidays!!!  

The other day I was kind of slapped in the face by a car battery that went dead.  We have all been there.  When something unexpected goes wrong, especially at 5 am, it just doesn’t get your day going in the right direction.  To be honest I don’t know if anything gets me more frantic than turning a car key and the car not firing up.  To make a long story short I walk myself and Mason to the store, picked up a battery, and got the thing changed.  What makes this story great is that in the midst of my chaotic morning I called the one guy who I knew would get me through this particular situation; my dad.  Now, I have learned a few things from him over the years and changing the battery wasn’t my concern.  However, I can never seem to remember how to check to make sure that the cars problem is a bad battery and not a shot alternator.  Senior remembered (he always does – this isn’t the first time the question has been asked) and reminded me that all I had to do was get the car started and disconnect one of the battery terminals.  If the car turns off the alternator is junk; mine didn’t – hurray for just a bad battery. 

I hope he can appreciate that at 30 years old with a family of my own I still need him from time to time.  I know I appreciated having him on the other side of the phone while going through a bit of stressful situation.  By the way to create a stressful situation all you have to do is insert a crying baby.  Thanks Dad… and anyone else for that matter that’s helped get my clueless butt this far in life.