X-Mas Letter 2011

Joes Barbell
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This is a holiday tradition that Eliza and I have been running with for the last few years.  We do our best to recap the year and make people laugh.  We hope you enjoy it.  If you didn’t receive a hard copy with one of our sweet X-Mas cards then work yourself up to a double body weight dead-lift, a crossfit total of over a 1000, or a crossfit football total of over 1200, and I’ll add you to the list (video submission isn’t necessary but would be appreicated – I trust you).  Merry X-Mas everyone.  If you do one thing over the next year try getting stronger, it will make everything else better – Guarenteed!!!

Mele Kalikimaka 2011
We have baby!  Yes yes, I’m sure if you know Szymanek Hawaii you know we have added a happy, healthy, and beautiful son to the clan.  If you are interested in a detailed account of Joseph Mason Vizzini Szymanek’s arrival check out Joe’s post on April 29th at www.barbellsandbabies.blogspot.com.  
Of particular note, regarding that historic evening, Joe wouldn’t let me leave for the hospital until I sat down and ate dinner.  Mind you at this point I was pretty far into labor.  However, considering Joe was my ride, I sat down and ate the fish and kale he prepared so I could get to the damn hospital and birth a baby.  By the time we arrived to the hospital Mason was well on his way and a few minutes after check in I puked all that fish right up!  Throughout the entire delivery all I could focus on was the taste of fish in my mouth!  Joe will contest that was his plan all along.  Arguing it was better to focus on the taste of fish rather than the shock and awe that my nether regions were being put through.  In the end, we were blessed with the arrival of a handsome son who is growing bigger every day.  If you haven’t been through it, getting pooped and peed on can be a kick in the teeth.  However, once you get passed that parenthood becomes pretty amazing.  Every day Turbo (one of Mason’s many nick names) does something new.  Sometimes it just a new face, other times it’s him sitting up on his own when we are lucky it’s something as exciting as crawling.  Having a child in our lives has been a blessing and all consuming.  The routine used to be wake up, go to work, sleep, and do it again.  Every now and then we used to take a weekend and pretend to still be in college, indulging in one too many cocktails.  Now, as providing care for another person takes priority, our lives are everything but routine.  We can only hope that in the future, each year with Mason is as blessed with success and happiness as the first is turning out to be.
Having a baby isn’t all that’s been going on with our little Hawaiian tribe.  The weather is great and the beach is just a walk away.  When we aren’t lounging and kicking back we do tons of things.  Joe has been hell bent on punching 30 in the face. He has sky dived, ran a marathon, and is currently up to his elbows in crossfit and living a paleo/primal existence.  All of which is his attempt to mimic peter pan and refuse to get old and grow up.  His latest obsession is organ meat – don’t get me or him started… PLEASE!!! Let’s just say one morning he surprised me with liver in my eggs and it’s been an uphill battle since.  For me, this year has been all about being a mom, becoming the greatest Physical Therapist I can and trying to keep up with Joe as he regularly imposes lifestyle changes that I only pretend to understand.  Currently, as this letter is being drafted we are knee deep in a cinnamon roll battle to the death.  Last year Joe made the ooeyest, gooeyest, rolls I’ve ever had the fortune to indulged in.  It was decided, last year, that those rolls would be a holiday tradition.  Joe, in his quest to ban gluten from our universe has reneged that offer, taking a stand and is refusing to make them.  It’s one of many battles.  The guy’s heart is in the right place and the changes we have made have improved our health and hopefully longevity.  I do have to give him credit.  When it comes to Mason he has the little guy on track.  The kid is digesting and making poo like no one’s business. 
As the New Year rolls in, keep up to date with the Szymanek clan at Joe’s blog www.barbellsandbabies.blogspot.com.  If anything, you’ll get a chuckle in here and there while learning about  Joe’s latest quest toward dominating his 30’s, Mason’s newest feat of strength or my endeavor to live up to Joe’s challenge to have a clean shaven chin once again.  If you haven’t heard, Joe promises to shave his beard (mind you it’s taken all year to grow in) once I get a chest to bar pull up.  Wish me luck – I’m close but not there just yet.  Keep our deployed soldiers and their families in your prayers throughout the year but especially over this holiday season.  We miss everyone! 
 joe, eliza and mason