Being Smart Isn’t Hard…

Joes Barbell
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I figured the first post of the New Year should have something to do with the New Year.  What could be a better topic than New Year’s Resolutions?  Everyone makes one; sometimes several.  More times than not they often revolve around starting an exercise program, get on a diet, or making some change like quitting smoking, with the hopes of getting healthier in the New Year.  Great idea, even better if you actually follow through with, which in most cases isn’t the case at all.  Finally, the point!  If you are going to have firmness in purpose or a determination regarding a task or goal you should do so under some simple guidelines or rules.  These rules aren’t hard, you have probably heard them before, and most likely have even heard the acronym I’m going to share with you today.  However, if you are like me, you’ve tossed them aside and failed to follow through with your own great and best of intentions.  It’s time to get S.M.A.R.T. people.  It’s the best, most effective, and probably only way to make sure that you follow through with this year’s formal expression of opinion or intention made.

1.      Specificity is critical. For example if you simply say I want to get healthy it’s not going to work.  The goal is too vast and you’ll get lost looking for the right way to get there.  Try something like I want to do strict pull ups.  A simple, specific, and straight forward goal like that gives you clear direction, purpose, and the means to formulate a plan.
2.      Make it something you can measure.  Again, how do you measure if you are healthier?  Blood work?  Weight loss?  BMI (no)?  Body fat percentage? A general feeling of happiness and self worth?  With a board goal you have a huge target and can get confused about what your end goal really is.  So, when you zero in on that specific goal, like doing pull ups, start gathering some info, and start taking some measurements so you can see your progress.  Many people fail to follow through with a resolution because they aren’t aware of the progress they are making.
3.      Your goal should be realistic and attainable.  It doesn’t help anyone to set a goal that is impossible to reach.  For example, if you can’t do one pull up today setting the goal to do 100 with your daughter strapped to your back is a bit of stretch.  Start small and build upon your goals.  In the beginning of your journey I’d be conservative and make a little hay before you go and sell off the family farm.
4.      If the goal isn’t rewarding to you the likely hood that you will achieve it is small.  You shouldn’t set doing pull ups as your resolution if it’s more important for your husband than it is for you.  It’s ok to be selfish at times, especially with your own fitness resolutions. 
5.      We all work harder under a deadline.  Let’s face it.  If your college professor didn’t make you turn that paper in on Monday you wouldn’t have it in on Monday.  Place a time frame on your goal and get to work.  By this day I’m going to have this done.  It’s that simple. 

Like I said before there isn’t any new information here.  I know you have most likely heard about proper goal setting and even seen the acronym S.M.A.R.T. before.  To be honest, I think I have shared or talked about it in a past post.  Whatever your goals and resolutions are for the next year go at them hard and have a plan.  Best wishes people!!!