A Note From the DDC: Before You Eat Anything Make Sure it’s Not…

Joes Barbell
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Go Mommy!!!

Yeah that’s right; Eliza ate some processed sweet potato this afternoon, made courtesy of Mason.  Let me set the stage, it could have easily have happened to me.  Turbo was down for his afternoon nap, I was wiping up something for lunch, and Eliza was organizing the frozen breast milk.  Mind you we were both exhausted (which seems to be the case every Sunday) carrying out our honey do’s in a zombie like manner.  Very abruptly Mason proclaimed that nap time was over.  Eliza grabbed him from the crib, handed him off to me in the living room, and licked her forearm.  At first it seemed harmless and she embarrassingly admitted, “I just ate food that’s been stuck to my arm for who knows how long.”  The situation didn’t sit easy with either of us.  After what seemed to have been an hour of silence (actual time 1-3 seconds) we both looked at each other, then Mason, back at each other, then Mason’s diaper, again at each other, finally at a curious stain on Mason’s thigh.  In the strangest tone, kind of like proclaiming a question with supreme confidence and awkwardness, Eliza then said, “Did I just eat Poop!!!?”  My eyes said yes, my heart broke into hysterics, and my mouth said I’ll probably have to kiss her later.  The story ended with me changing Mason, Eliza finishing the laundry, and both of us realizing that with a baby in the house we always have to be on our toes. 

Hope your Sunday was as full of surprises as Szymanek Hawaii’s.  On a more positive note Eliza deserves a pat on the back today for kicking butt in a dash and splash early this morning.  The little lady participated in the Magic Island Biathlon (5k run, 1k swim).  It’s the first leg of her campaign to punch 30 in the face.  Poop eating included she is off to a great start.  Happy parenting all you mommies and daddies out there, you don’t know it but your changing the world – keep it up!!!