Eggcellent Recommendation My Bandana Wearing Friend!!!

That’s the place.  I’ve been there.  Its like only a few blocks away from the box.  You should go there after woding one day!!!

This week’s Sunday share session comes straight from the all powerful membership at Crossfit 808.  Last week Jon Muramoto and myself were talking Paleo after a WOD and got onto the topic of eggs. To make a short story shorter one thing led to another and now I purchase my eggs 30 at a time at Ka Lei Eggs.  As the website says they are the proud producer of country fresh island eggs.  The website will also offers helpful info about eggs in general and specifics about how they care from their product to ensure the highest quality possible.  Aside from eggs they also share a couple other local products.  Have fun with the sweet potato chips from the Hawaiian Chip Company.  However, I’m pretty sure they fry in canola so have your fish oil handy and don’t make it an everyday thing.  

If you eat, and I’m sure you do, make an attempt to eat local stuff.  And no, I’m not talking about your local McDonald’s.  Local products don’t travel as far and as a result are better for you.  Think of how you feel after taking a long car ride.  Are you at your best after driving across the country or getting off a plane?  I know I’m not and neither are your eggs.  Not to mention buying local is good for your local economy.  I won’t say too much here as I am not an expert when it comes to these matters.  Heck, most would argue I’m not an expert in any matter.  Any who, Good luck and give buying local a chance.         

Post Script: Remember I learned how to use some of the special blog tools that come with the free blog page.  So if you click on the Ka Lei Eggs link here or anywhere else in the post you’ll be magically transported to their website.  As mentioned earlier there is a ton of super info on this page.  For instance do you know the difference between brown and white egg?  Do you want to know?  Get to clicking!!!    

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I love Ka Lei Eggs…Here is a quick tip! When visiting Ka Lei Ask for the "soft-shell" eggs in the back. They are perfectly fine eggs, but have an unnoticeably softer shell than Ka Lei Eggs you would find in your grocery store and they cannot be sold there. They are a FRACTION of what the regular store grade eggs cost with ZERO taste or quality difference.