This I Know For Sure

Joes Barbell

Yes it is 415, see the 3 45’s and 2 25’s on each side. Add the bar and you get… 415
We could all use a little extra tricep in our life… you know I’m right
Yes I’m wearing a Xfit Football SWOD-T, Hurley Board Shorts, and 2XU Compression

Two weeks out from the open and I know one thing for sure, what all the WOD’s are going to be.  Not really, but I do know that I’m stronger today than I was this time last year.  My plan since November when I started feeling healthy again was to bank as much strength as possible and build capacity with that strength during the open.  On Monday I tested the Snatch and hit a 15 pound PR (hopefully you saw the video).  On Wednesday I PR’d my and Clean & Jerk with a 280 pound effort.  Two pounds up from a previous make.  The important thing here is that I received the bar in a deep squat.  In the past I have always muscled the lift.  With the technique finally falling into place I’m hoping to improve on this effort in the near future.  It worked for the snatch.  Lastly, on Friday I went after the crossfit total with the hopes of hitting a 1,000 pounds.  Bad news first, I missed the 1000 pound total by 4 sticking pounds.  Worse news is that I didn’t take the squat or the press to failure.  Good news is that I PR’d all 3 lifts; 390 Back Squat (10+), 190 Press (+1), closing things out with a 415 Deadlift (+35).  Crazy part is that I tried 420 twice trying to hit the 1,000 total. 

Aside from the brag session what’s the point of bringing all this up?  I’m really not sure.  The fact is the open WOD’s are completely unpredictable.  If they are barbell centered and capacity driven I think I’ll be ok.  If I have to run, swim or bike a 5K (highly unlikely during the open) I’ll be in deep pooh (daddy talk for SOL).  If I have to max out a compound movement I’ll be off to a good start.  I guess the real point is that around November I started to tinker with some reading material and stuck to the program.  So far my little experiment has yielded a stronger man, at least in terms of moving weight attached to a barbell.  The other half of the experiment will be tested over the next 7 weeks. 

Maybe the real point is that over the last few months I made the jump from working out to look good naked and punching a number in the face to training to be a stronger athlete.  As a result I’m a stronger athlete and as an added bonus look a little better naked; for confirmation on that talk to my wife.  Even when training for the unknown and unknowable it helps to have a plan.  Better yet its got to help a little more to believe in that plan.  In my opinion all else being equal the stronger guy will come out on top, hence the strength training.  Hopefully, this year, a stronger me will come out of this thing at least in the top 60 in the NorCal region… its gotta be better than placing 64th.         

P.S. Thanks Coach Elyse for letting me have arts and crafts time during my strength sessions.  I know its not your favorite thing that I do but it helps motivate my shallow little butt.  I also do well with stickers, candy, and t-shirts (but you knew that already). 

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Good stuff Joe. Congrats on the PRs. I hit 405 on the deadlift a couple months ago and your post has motivated me to go for another PR attempt.

I'm in Djibouti now and the gym here is limited in space and comprised mostly of machines and treadmills/ellipticals. However, they have a power rack, Concept II, kettlebells, pullup bars, and a football field so I've been able to get some decent WODs in. Focus is on strength and speed for now until I get back to Hawaii.

Take care and good luck in the Open. Tony Myers