If Only I Were More Like Horace

There are people out there who know some of my deepest and darkest regrets in life.  I held my breath as I hit the submit button on this latest post but felt it necessary to publically share a regret that has plagued my path into adulthood.  I’m hoping this confession brings us all closer together – blogger and followers.  The facts are that I am good at a few things, snatching and back squatting for example.  There are also things I am terrible at, swimming and remembering to take everything home with me from the gym (although starting this week I am imposing a 25 burpee penalty on myself for all forgotten items).  There are also things that I have never tried, at least whole heartedly.  It is in the never tried area where my first, maybe only, public admittance with regret will be met discussed. 

Here goes nothing, please don’t judge me, just help me.  The truth is I regret the fact that I never learned how to play a musical instrument.  It’s terrible.  I love music.  Who doesn’t?  I mean asking someone if they like music is like asking them if they like food.  Of course they do!  You just have to find out what kind gets them humming.  I want to make my own music.  I have always wanted to make people hum.  There it is.  Now what?

Pulling from practical training lessons that I have accumulated over the years I think it best to start small, build a base, and master the fundamentals.  My first instrument of choice is going to be the Little Tykes, Tap-A-Tune Xylophone.  I already have one song down.  Three more to go and maybe I’ll cruise the internet for other more challenging Tap-A-Tone numbers.  It might sound hooky but I’m thinking that if I master this simple instrument and taste a little success I might generate enough curiosity to take another step forward.  Who knows I may even seek out some help and learn to read music but don’t go holding your breath.      

Don’t let little regrets bring down your world.  Tackle them one at a time by whatever means necessary.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, at least according to what I know.  I’m sure Ancient Alien theorists or space traveling extraterrestrials puddle jumping alternative universes might disagree.  Regardless of your belief regarding the time frame Rome was constructed, or alien existence for that matter, take my simple message to heart.  Conquer your regrets, great or small, one at a time.  At worst it might help you get a little better night’s sleep.  This video of me taking my first step might also help. 

For your listening pleasure, “Are You Sleeping” Performed by a big dumb animal in a sweet as hell t-shirt that he earned PR’ing his Back Squat.           

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Horace K. Dudoit III
February 23, 2012 9:35 am

That was awesome Joe! You didn't have enough notes on that xylophone to play the last notes right, but the intention to play it right was there! Lol. You are definitely right when you say that you need to start with the fundamentals whenever you're taking on something new…whether its playing an instrument, singing, or even starting a new workout program such as crossfit. You need to learn the basics, and then build on it when you become more proficient. Like anything else, practice, commitment and determination is an integral part of the learning process. Great job Joe, keep it up and soon you'll be playing the guitar.