Back in Buisness!!!

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I Know.  It’s been forever since the last post and you’re wondering what the heck I have been up to.  The facts are that I’m not the greatest multi-taker and am limited by my ability to utilize every single minute of every hour of everyday.  Between the Crossfit Open, keeping Mason alive as he flirted with walking, trying to be a good husband, and sleeping whenever possible blogging just fell by the way side.  Ms. Winkler, thanks for letting me know you care about my blabbering and actually enjoy some of it.  Every post from here on out will have you in mind as I hopefully do so with much more frequency.       

Now that that is over with on with what the heck has been going on.  After 5 weeks of Open WODing I wasn’t able to crack the top 60 men in my region and qualify for regionals as an individual.  I finished 68th.  Oh so close, I know.  All I have to say is buck furpees.  There is a happy ending to this story.  I was a contributor to The Crossfit 808 team that finished 4th in the region and will be participating in some capacity with the squad in San Jose in May.  Hurray!!! This week, fresh off a vacation to the east coast (more on that later) I’m back to working hard.  Just today I PR’d my rack jerk by 14lbs.  For those of you wondering about the number… it was 300lbs.  Yuppers, that’s a bit of a mile stone for me and I don’t mind patting myself on the back for achieving it.  Now on to cleaning it and jerking it.

Szymanek Hawaii has also been on a huge trip.  We decided to fly to Jersey; visit my Pop, Deb, and the rest of the gang; haul it down to Philly for my cousin Steve’s Wedding; and end the trip catching up with Eliza’s family and some old friends from college in Westminster MD.  It was great to finally introduce Mason to Uncle Mitch, the Vizzini’s (my uncles where he gets his middle name from) Tony Bologna, the Meg’s, Aunt Lisa, Mr. Bud, and everyone in between.  If I didn’t mention your name it’s because I wanted to eventually get this post to the internet.  The truth is we saw tons of people and were able to share our pride and joy with those we care about most.  For anyone we didn’t bump into we’re sorry.  Maybe next time, which to be perfectly honest won’t be until Uncle Sam forces us to leave Hawaii.  For all you east coasters who thought your weather was great the last two weeks I just have one thing to say.  You’ve never lived in Hawaii. 

That’s the sorry for not posting, the reason I’ve been absent, and just some of what the family has been up to.  Keep an eye out for all kinds of goodies coming your way.  We have tons to discuss.  From a now walking Mason, liver and bone broth, how you can one day blast 300 pounds over your head, and the don’ts and do’s regarding keeping your wifey happy (at least how I try and do it).  It’s great to be back.  Until the next post enjoy some pics that we took while touring the not so warm Northeast.             

Flying across an ocean and a continent is not as easy as this pic make it out to be… NEVER AGAIN!!!

Mason’s, his cousin, and Uncle Mike (my little bro)

Mason’s first swing… he loved it

Cousin Haley Getting airborne

Mason’s finally meets aunt lisa

Mommy enjoying a not so gluten free philly soft pretzel wit (yes I know it says wit) mustard

Me, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, and Rob. Yes, I’m the oldest and best looking. Phillies Caps were a go but my slippers (flip flops for you east coasters) were not as warmly greeted.

Mason’s and Granny (my mom) hangin out at Whiskey Village

The reason we were all at Whiskey Village, The Whiskey King.  It was worth the trip.  More on this epic cheat later.

Mason’s meets the Berno’s.  A second home while in High School.  Mr. B (RIP) was the gentleman responsible for my Hermie nick name (more on that later as well).

Yes those are hand knitted fish hats on mine and pappa wicks heads.  

Mason meets some of daddy’s buddies from college.  Tony, thanks for the strawberry shine and happy 30th. 

Mason, mommy, and her best friends from college