B**L S**T!!!

Joes Barbell

This is the start of his shoveling.  And, to further prove my point he is eating sand, which is his favorite.

I was watching Mason eat today and got to thinking.  Babies get way to much credit for doing stuff right, it’s a bunch of BS.  I’m as much to blame as anyone.  Heck, I did a post about how well he bottom outs his squat, which is true.  But, he also does a lot of stuff way wrong.  I mean a year into this whole life thing I thought he’d be talking, wiping his own butt, and at least drinking from a cup.  I mean him feeding himself is an absolute joke.  When he grabs food he does this crazy wrist over fist, open mouth, stuffing thing.  He will literally grab the food with his fingers, put it to his lips, take his hands away, then use his wrist to shove the food in his mouth.  It doesn’t stop there.  Once the food is in his mouth he attempts to chew it while his fingers are in his mouth.  Its god awful and not anything I’ve ever shown him or seen any human do.  Maybe I’m being critical.  Maybe I’m expecting too much.  Most likely my son is a freak. 

Come on people.  I can’t be the only one out there who thinks babies get just a little too much credit for their antics.  I know there’s at least one guy who agrees with me.  Spence!?!  I know your kids aren’t perfect.  Give us a story.  Don’t let me make this stand all alone.           

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Kids are stupid Joe. It's a fact. And you're not in the wrong. Despite knowing kids that age can't do certain things I'd get repeatedly frustrated when Sadie was younger. It just seems so simple. It's hard to watch someone dip a spoon in yogurt and bring it to their moouth empty 9x in a row. It really is the proverbial banging your head against a wall. I've felt your pain. And the best thing I think I can say is it gets better. But then worse again. And then better. Bottom line is if you dig inconsistency and frustration and in your life the next few years should be horoughly enjoyed. The good with the bad. That's life.