Human Body Worth a Buck

Joes Barbell
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That thing right there is pretty dang valuable.  So do right by it.

Just came across another reason to eat better, be active, and show your body a little respect.  According to a survey published by Wired magazine its worth about 45million big ones.  That’s dollars folks. I’d think twice the next time you’re running late and hit a drive though.  Better yet plan a head and pack a lunch.  Think about your food choices and ask yourself this question during your next meal.  Is what you’re eating raising your actual value or bringing it down?  

Of course these numbers largely depend on the value of a buck, insurance company estimates, and quality when harvested.  To be honest I’m not sure if you can go around selling your parts so you really can’t go and do anything with this information.  Well, other than finally come to the realization that you are a pretty valuable resource.  Keep it moving, keep it clean, and invest in yourself folks.       

Here is the link where I found the info.  Its not the actual survey but it sums up the important info.  I particularly enjoyed the info about eggs and sperm… very interesting gentlemen.