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Joes Barbell
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I love my son but he could care less that I have “Proven” my fitness.  I live and breathe only to appease the needs of my wife, but she doesn’t seem to realize that I am a member of the fittest crossfit team in the NorCal Region and, yes, am a champion of fitness.  All either of them seem to care about these days are diapers.  Mason has been filling them with pooh and shi shi and my beautiful wife has been boiling them in my All Clad soup pot.  Why?  Because, Mason is a baby and can’t say toilet let alone sit on one and Eliza is trying to fix a problem.  

Fact is the entire crew here at Szymanek Hawaii has been very concerned about Mason’s diapers.  The poor little guy went over a year without a diaper rash but lately has had a few nasty ones.  The culprits seemed to have been too much detergent and a lack of stripping by mom and dad.  Cloth diapering isn’t without its issues as the above scenario points out.  All you mommy and daddy’s to be or current parents thinking about cloth diapering should heed this warning – know what the hell you are getting into and how to handle the hard ware or your kids (and your) consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep streak will come to a screeching halt (14). 

We were doing really well with the cloth diapers until we switched from a liquid detergent to a powder detergent.  When we made the switch we didn’t know exactly how much to use and Mason paid the price.  We made the most common mistake and used too much detergent.  No worries currently.  We have seemed to have fixed the problem and have the diapers back on track along with little man’s keister.  We consulted a few experts and put the internet to use.  If you find yourself in a similar jam check out this link provided by the friendly folks at Baby Awareness. 

Don’t take this post the wrong way.  Cloth diapering is great – sometimes.  Well, it’s actually a lot of extra work; especially when you have a problem.  Plus, nothing throws a wrench into your day like wiping excess human waste off a diaper and into the toilet or worse having it sneak under your finger nails (awesome realization after a meal).  All negatives aside I wouldn’t go back and not cloth diaper.  Fact is we are still saving a bundle of cabbage, feel like we are doing the best thing for the environment, and have already matched all of Mason’s onsies to his diapers.  Not to mention bought him a bunch of board shorts that only fit right while he is wearing his cloth diapers.  Should you cloth diaper?  Sure, but except to have a few jam ups and except it to be a little extra work.