Take Your Days…

Before you read this you should know that I use the word fact a lot in this post.  Also, before you read this you should know that I feel like a 180lb bag full of nickels fell on me while I was sitting on pineapple (don’t ask).  Again with the also, this post may come across as random but that is because EXHAUSTED x INFINITY = ME.

On with the post:

I’m often asked how I spend my rest days.  Most times, aside from stretching and mobility, maybe a short bout with the rower, and some walking around I work really hard to do as little as possible.  This works for me for a number of reasons.

1.      I don’t manage stress very well.  Fact is a harbor a lot of BS and let it sit in me until I go Hulk.  This is of course an exaggeration.  Turning green, ruining a perfectly good shirt and ripping my purple jean shorts just isn’t good behavior.  The truth is I have minor mental break downs that few people get to witness.  The short list includes my lovely wife, parents and guardians, and everyone who went to McDaniel College between 2000 and 2004 (thank you alcohol).
2.      My sleep is junk.  I haven’t slept over a continuous four hours at one time in over a year.  Mason has a bunch to do with that stretch but what baby pulls all nighters all the time.  Fact is I’ve been concerned lately because Mason is pulling rock bottom all nighters.  He’s been hitting the sheets at 6PM and stirring up around 5:46AM (I’m not being cute that’s really the time).  I’m working on issues 1 and 2 as we speak.  Professionals have been contacted, internet consulted, and a plan is in place.  Tomorrow morning I’m actually getting my ears drained to help with some headaches plus I’m practicing some deep breathing techniques to help my parasympethic nervous system kick in gear (told you I’ve been looking into it).      
3.      Don’t laugh but I’m just getting old and need the time.  I’m no spring chicken and I just can’t WOD heavy without repercussions. 
4.      Also, facts are that if you have been to the gym lately while I’m running a class you know that statement is anything but true.  The real person in charge is my son.  This doesn’t change when I get home or go anywhere with him.  Mason’s activity levels are stupid right now.  His mobile little bootie leaves little room for anything but chasing and protecting.  For instance, the other day I was lying on the floor watching the Phillies game while he was playing.  I dosed off for what could only have been minutes (I know awful – don’t worry Mason was fine and as you’ll see I paid the price).  In those minutes Mason grabbed a wooden push vacuum and clocked me in the head.  Fact is if he’s going so am I and he is going 24-7.  Anyone who manages babies full time gets what I am saying (right Spence).  You people who don’t or never have probably think I’m just whining.

That’s the short list of why I rest completely on rest days.  Funny isn’t it.  The truth is that if you manage stress a little better than me, sleep like a 13 month old maniac, have youth on your side, and don’t run in the red all day you can probably handle a little more activity on your rest days.  Fact is we are all different and from week to week your routine may change.  BTW, the motivation for this piece is a feeling of exhaustion I’ve not experience since my second tour in Vietnam.  Oh wait, I wasn’t alive during that scuffle.  Opps, maybe it’s the cold flashes.  More likely it was trying to play make up on Wednesday for missing my second half of training on Tuesday.  Note to self; add time management to my list of recovery evil do’ers and stressors. 

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Joe, you are a rock!!!

Sometimes my friend. Trying to rise up as we speak. getting those icky marbles out of my ear was def helpful. More to come regarding that playful experience.