WARNING!!! Q-Tips are not for Ear Cleaning!!!

Yup!!! Those puppies were pulled from ear this past Thursday.  Since then I’ve had the hearing of a bear!

Hygiene tip!  DO NOT use cotton swabs or Q-tips to clean your ears, well your inner ears.  If you want to take that little cotton ball on a stick and clean the nooks and crannies of your outer ear be my guest.  However, unless you want hardened balls of wax jamming up your hearing, causing you migraines, and muffling up your day to day life keep jamming Q-tips in your ear.  I used Q-tips all my life and look where it got me.    

The obvious question is then, what the heck are you supposed to clean your ears with?  According to the Ear Nose and Throat specialist at Tripler Medical Center not much.  Facts are that if you shower regularly and chew your food the wax should take care of itself.  When showering simply let warm water run into your ear, pull at your outer ear at all angles to straighten out the canal, and let all the water and goodies dribble out.  The chewing thing is simple as well.  Just do it.  All that chewing loosens stuff up and during your day to day goings on the wax and dirt just falls out.    

Great news of you ask me and one less thing to worry about, unless you’re the kind of person who enjoys getting awkward medical procedures performed.  Now that you can drop the ear cleaning from your nightly or morning routine you can focus on more important matters like your belly button.  Good for me, especially living in Hawaii and being into crossfit.  I spend a good bit of my day shirtless and now that I won’t be jamming Q-tips in my ear I’ll have more time and an abundance of instruments just right for keeping my old life line nice and handsome.        

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Cleaning your ears with a Q-Tip can actually do more harm to your ears than it can to benefit them. Using a Q-Tip to remove ear wax can further impact the ear wax in your ear canal, making it more difficult for it to remove itself naturally.