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I love my family and everyone that wished me well on father’s day.  Thank you from the bottom of my pecs and abs.  Its cool that we have special days here and there to make the special people in our lives feel… special.  I wanted to write up a funny little story about the history of fathers day, discuss my own experience as a father, tell some jokes and tie everything together with the story of how I shit the bed snatching on Saturday but finished on top with a PR clean and jerk (p.s. click the words in green to see my lifts and some other 808 barbell slayers hitting the aloha games hard).  That really didn’t happen here.  The history of Father’s Day is really boring.  Well, at least Wikipedia’s account.  Which is the only one I read.  So the project got off to a rough start and I jumped ship. 

Instead I thought I’d just be honest with you all, well, the 21 of you who stomach my ramblings on a regular basis and talk about being dad, which I love.  However, I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing taking on the task of raising Mason full time.  I also wonder if I’m really any good at the job.  The decision wasn’t made in haste, without sacrifice from both Eliza and myself, and to be perfectly honest there are times when I wrestle with a little regret.  I’d like to say that each morning when I see Mason his smile reminds me that everything is great.  The truth is most mornings he wakes up crying and pissed off with a diaper full of s**t.  I also wish I could say that each night our family dinners serve as a reminder that the best things in life are free.  Again, the truth is that between 4pm and 8pm each night Eliza and I scramble frantically to wash and feed the baby, clean the house, cook dinner, get the baby to sleep, grab a bit, take a seat, get ready for manana and hopefully find a minute to say hello before we say goodnight at 8pm.  Yeah I know that’s early but with a 4:30 am wake up call tomorrow is always right around the corner.

What’s all this getting at?  Who knows for sure?  I’m just putting it out there that along with celebrating a sweet occasion like father’s day we should also keep in mind that life is always lurking.  Maybe the point is that we shouldn’t wait for father’s day, mother’s day, christmas, or any holiday to let the people around us know they are pretty cool.  I know I get a little caught up in PR’s and can loose perspective.  The hustle and bustle of handling barbells and babies can do that from time to time.  I’m thinking the real point of this ramble is that for a second each day I, maybe all of us, need to just relax and relish in the fact that family is awesome.  Don’t wait for the calender to tell you to do something.  Do stuff, keep a smile, and make it special… Hope your Sunday was awesome.  Ours was.