The Fray

Joes Barbell
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I was really pumped to check out the movie The Grey.  After Taken Liam Neeson became my favorite actor and, at least his roles, is someone I consider a straight bad ass.  Its not just Neeson’s recent stuff that is tough.  Have you seen Rob Roy?  Get a pair and check it out.  Truth is The Grey was a bit of disappointment.  Its saving grace was a sweet poem that I think I’m going to adopt as my personal mission statement.  Its time to get out of this funk and into the fight.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Me, I pretty sure its time to start making contact (with some chins) and a little noise.

The Poem
Once more into the fray…
          Into the last good fight I’ll ever know…
Live and die on this day…
Live and die on this day…
Don’t except life’s challenges, meet them head on with a balled up fist, a broken bottle and a pissed off attitude.