Hey Mommy! What’s That Growing in Your Belly?

That’s my clever way of saying, IT’S A GIRL!!!

Looks like baby number two has a vagina.  Hurray!  How’s the joke go?  When you have a boy you have to worry about one dick.  When you have a girl you have to worry about them all.  Let the worrying, if it hasn’t already, begin.  What’s to worry about?  Nothing really, except finding bad ass pink board shorts for home girl to rock.  This little girl will be brought up with one priority in mind, to be strong.  Why can’t the little girl be a lot like daddy?  Not to mention, have you seen the girls that stomp about CrossFit 808.  Yeah!  When one of them goes by the name Megatron you know your dealing with some bad bitches.  On that note check out the video below of the girls from California Strength.  When girls move weight fast its just as cool.  Get violent ladies!!!       

You Lift Like a Girl  

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Congratulations! She will be a strong girl for sure. And thanks for the link. Inspiration!