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Off season training started to today and with the start of a new training season it’s always a good idea to go back to the basics.  My training over the next few weeks will focus primarily on building strength, healing up, and improving on a few weaknesses (pull ups for starters).  I thought it might be fun from time to time to share my sessions and let you know what I’m thinking while I go to work.

Starting with the basics for me means going back to a linear progression.  Meaning that during each new training session it’s my intention to build off of the last session.  To get some more information on linear progressions check out, crossfit football or Mark Rippeteo.  Following along and let me know what you think.  This type of programming isn’t complicated and is for just about anyone, plus my an some others, is the quickest and most efficient way to build absolute strength.. 

This was a pretty good day, especially considering the week layoff and shit diet during that week.  My right knee has been a little banged up and fatigue as been a real issue for the last few days.  The entire session took about 90 minutes with a few breaks to handle Mason.  Time between working sets was right around 2-3 minutes.  I had the clock running to keep me on track which is always a good idea.  You’ll see I threw in some snatch work at the end.  Hopefully over the next few weeks you’ll see these numbers shoot up and get an idea of what I’m thinking.  You’ll also notice that these numbers aren’t huge.  Fact is when you start this type of work its always good to be conservative.  The weight will come just be patient.  And, truthfully a week or so of light work is much needed.  Any questions just ask. 

Day #1

General Warm Up: 5 minute row, 3 part dynamic hip series, 3 minutes (1 minute sets) static bridge paired with 3 part superman complex (x10 per movement).
Back Squat (BS) Warm Up:  3 Rounds of Back Squat  paired with Depth Jumps X 5; (1) Empty Barx10 with a pause at bottom to stretch – 20 inch to 30inch; (2) 135×10 – 20inch to 34inch; (3) 225×5 – 20inch to 38inch
BS Working Sets-275x3x5 (all reps made)
Bench (BP) Warm Up: 3 rounds of Plyo. Push Ups paired with Bench Press; (1) 5 clapping push-ups – 10 BP with empty bar, (2) clapping push-ups – BP 135×5; Clapping push-ups – 185×3
BP Working Sets-225x3x5 (all reps made)
Deadlift (DL) 225×1, 275×1, 315×5
Hang Power Snatch 135x2x5 (focus was on footwork, speed through the middle, contacting the bar with hips, and developing superman pull)
Finisher:  CFFB DWOD (10min AMRAP of 7 bent over rows, 7 cleans, 7 push press – all with #50 dumbells) 7 RDS+9

Mobility – 6 minutes of super band arm bars (3 min. each arm), 6 minutes super band spider man stretch (3 min. each leg).

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I'm thinking of doing some of the same thing! I need to get stronger. I have many weaknesses to focus on. And besides that, I just wanna have fun! There's plenty of time to be beastly. And hello? Can we say muscle up? Ugh!