Strict Pull Ups

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There are all kinds of reasons to neglect working your posterior chain and back.  My favorite is that you can’t see it.  Out of sight out of mind right?  Then there is the fact that the movements to train those regions just aren’t fun.  Who likes doing strict pull ups, climbing rope, heavy deads, RDL’s, or touching their toes?  Not this guy.  Given the choice I’d rather load up the bench press and get to pushing.  Let’s be honest, what guys doesn’t love checking themselves out with a blown up chest and triceps that refuse to fit into their one size to small I Heart Nasty Girls T.  Ask the wife.  I’m about as vein as they come.  Much of my morning routine is spent in front of the mirror…shirtless of course.  And, none of it is spent checking out my own ass or lats.

Part of my back to basics campaign is fixing the above back issue.  I’m going to focus a little more attention where the sun doesn’t shine, well at least when I’m facing the sun, and get my posterior in gear.  One of my weapons of choice will be implementing a strict pull-up regime during training sessions.  That means out with momentum, no kipping, and certainly no butterflying.  Ole boy will have to check his ego at the door, forget about times, and keep my eye on the prize – getting bigger and stronger.  That’s not to say that kipping and butterflying your pull ups is bad.  They are just different ways to get your chin over the bar.  For me, strict pull ups just fit a little better into my current training goals.   I don’t want all that momentum and horizontal vertical energy transfer getting in the way of increasing the girth and strength of my shoulder girdle.

Whose coming with me?  Try it for the month of July.  Go for broke one day and do as many pull ups as possible however you want.  Then for the month of July say no to kipping and get to strict pulling.  I guarantee on Aug 1 your pull up anyhow number will be a bigger.  Again, whose coming with me?  This early in the training season its worth a shot.    
Tuesday 6/26

I thought I’d keep things simple and liked what CFFB had to offer.  As you probably guessed I went strict for both movements.    

50 HSPU – 4 sets
100 Pull Ups – 9 sets

Wednesday 6/27

Warm Up – 5 min row Dynamic Hip Complex and 3 rounds of 10 GHD sit ups, 10 Back Extensions, 5 Depth jumps (20inches to 38inches)

Front Squat 235x5x3

Strict Press 155x5x3

Hang Power Clean & Jerk 185x1x6

Finisher  100 Double Unders FT – 1:01 (2 misses at 45 and 49)

I know it seems light but we are building a base here.  Don’t worry the weight will come.