Joes Barbell
Comments Off on 6.29.2012

Warm Up: 5 min. row; dynamic kick series;bridges (1min each direction); superband pull thru’s (thick green x10); depth jumps 3×5

BS: 45x10x1 (1 1/4), 135x5x1(1 1/4), 225x3x1(1 1/4) 280x5x3
BP: 45x10x1 (1 1/4), 135x3x1 (1 1/4), 185x3x1 (1 1/4) 230x5x3
Hang Squat Snatch (HSS) 140x1x8
Hang Squat Clean and Jerk (HSCJ) 190x1x6
Max Strict Chest to Bar Chin Ups x 3 (1 min rest between) 16, 12, 11

Finally starting to feel a little pop coming back into my legs after the week off.  Tomorrow should be interesting.  Hitting an early morning oly. session (max snatch, max front squat) and a crossfit class.  Saturday will be a little off task but its more for fun than anything else.  Gotta kick my own ass before the Sunday rest day.