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Those numbers are correct.  Yes, when I pressed today I used 157.5 pounds.  I got to that number by using one pound (small black) and quarter (white) pound chips on top of the usual 45 and 10 pound plates.  One of my goals before the next open is a 200 pound press.  To find those 9 incredibly hard pounds (which is often the case the longer your in the game), I am taking some advice from the turtle.  The whole idea of working off a linear progression is that slow and steady wins the race and I want to milk this linear progression for all its worth, especially with my press.  To do so, I believe, making small jumps will be the key.  This is especially true with a movement like the press.  If your gym isn’t outfitted with smaller plates and chips get on whoever makes that call or grab your own and keep them handy.  At 808 we are lucky enough to have a plethora tiny plates, which makes making progress a little easier.  I know a 10 pound PR is sexy and gets a great deal of attention but save that dance for a competition setting.  In the mean time have a plan and be happy with whatever progress you can muster up.  Me, I’m sticking with little jumps until the time comes when I have to make tiny jumps.  In the end whatever it takes to hit 200 who cares.  Getting stronger is what is most important and if your pressing 1 more pound than your last session (or 2.5 in my case) your getting stronger.  I make the claim at least once a week that if I were to add a single pound to a lift each week, at the end of the year I’d be 52 pounds stronger, and that’s a nice gain if you can make it happen.

Happy lifting manics            

Warm Up: 5 min row, 5 min of 10 GHD sit-ups, 10 back extensions, dynamic hip series

BS – 45×10, 135×5, 225×3, 285x5x3
P- 45×10 (from split), 95×5 (from split), 135×3, 157.5x5x3
DL – 157.5×5, 245×3, 295×1, 335×5
HPS – 145x1x8

1000m row for time – 3:35

Static Mobility Complex

The smaller plates also come in handy with Mason.