Don’t Sweat the BS

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If your following on Facebook, and why wouldn’t you be, then you saw that I PR’d my jerk with a 315.5 effort this past Thursday.  The video is cool and if you watch it closely you’ll notice I did a lot of things wrong.  Mainly I never reset my elbows for the jerk, lost control of my legs in the dip and forgot to split.  One of the reasons I yelped the “F” word is that I wasn’t sure the lift counted because it felt so funny.  You’ll notice that I look at my feet realized then yelped with pride, that I had push jerked the load.  If you only knew all the details leading up to the PR.  Don’t worry their all trash, the details that is.  I wasn’t sleeping, I missed the previous workout waiting to get some work done on the car, and even indulged in a stack of chocolate chip pancakes the morning before.

Why am I making this confession?  Because, in spite of the colossal shit storm that my week had been up to that point I saddled the hell up and threw more weight over my head than I ever have in my entire damn life anyway.  In no way am I saying that chocolate chips pancakes and long waits at the dealership should become a staples in your training regimen.  What I am saying is that its ok to live your life while you train.  Sometimes things happen and you miss a workout.  Sometimes you do things a little wrong and you come out clean on the other end.  Every now and then someone may even bring you a box of gourmet cup cakes or mac nut ice cream.  It will be alright.  Take a breath, enjoy the gift, and move on.  On the same note you might even do everything right and come out the back end looking like a horses ass anyway.  So I guess the point is that no matter what cards are placed in front of you, what diet your eating, or whose baby your carrying for you just need to stay in the game and put your best effort forward.      You’ll never know which hour will be the best of your day if you don’t get your ass out of bed.

Get strong folks and don’t be afraid of progress… even at your own expense.       

PS Don’t worry about the baby comment, Mason is mine.  His emotional instability is better proof than any DNA test.  My current mid life crisis has nothing to do with who the father of my baby is… it’ me.  By the way, there is no crisis, I’m being very dramatic.

One more thing, here is my thurday work incase your following my progress

Warm Up
Jerk (max effort) 95 press from split x 3, 135 Press front split x 3
185, 225, 245, 265, 280, 295, 305, 315 (f), 315.5 (hurray – push jerk)
FS 245x3x3 backed off the legs with the competition at Kapolei S&C this weekend
BP 230x5x3
Snatch (full) 150x1x however many I did while waiting for the prettiest lady in the whole world to pick me up.