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The conversations with my mother have taken a different tone lately.  For instance a few days ago I got a text message that read, “Turkish get ups!!! Really!!!”  Yesterday I got another message that read, “Nicole is a bitch!”  No, she wasn’t talking about a co-worker or some cousin putting her nose where it shouldn’t be.  My mother was talking about a crossfit wod (20min amrap 400m run max pull ups).  Along with sharing her feelings about hitting bench marks my mother and I also traded tips for keeping your hands from ripping.

I think its really cool that my mom is getting out there and working hard.  She seems to have found a fun box, good coaches, and a place where she is enjoying training.  I never thought i’d be discussing the training habits of my mother on this blog or any forum for that matter.  Its a victory in itself that she quit smoking (mom?).  I’m pretty sure her athletic career isn’t much to discuss.  I’ve never seen pictures or heard stories about anything from soccer or band camp.  Pretty sure the only reason she knows the difference between a football field and soccer pitch is because I played football.  I’d also make the bet that she has trained more in the last mouth at a relative high intensity than she has in her whole adult life.  I’m also pretty sure that she is in this thing for the long haul and that I couldn’t be more proud that she has finally decided to make her fitness and longevity a priority.  Way to go mom!!! When I cycle back to te mainland we are going to get you on your way to a double body weight, ass to the floor back squat. 
Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Leave your excuses and BS at home and get to work.  Its never to late to make a change and accomplish whatever you want.  Never prouder.