Back with a PR update!!!

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I know I haven’t been a writing fool these past few weeks… sorry.  The family and myself took a little vacation, I was recovering from almost loosing my leg (more on that soon), and stuff has just been hectic.  With all that happening there has still been time to train and hit PR’s.  The coolest being smashing my old clean and jerk PR of 297.  Here is the video for those of you who don’t follow on facebook.  For those of you that do follow count yourself lucky for getting another shot to witness my latest venture in badassness.  This big lift gets me that much closer to a 260kg total… which would be pretty sweet.  I’m currently sitting at 253 when counting my best training efforts and a 235 in meet total.  ENJOY… that is if you haven’t already.   

By the way if your wondering about the linear progression I started a few weeks back, yes, I’m still on it.  Things have gotten heavy so I have backed off the Wednesday Heavy Squat session and use it to practice the oly. lift I’ll max the following Saturday along with freshening up my legs.  I’ve also incorporated the 808 Tuesday room WOD into my training, along with a max effort oly. session I spoke of earlier.  Saturday is the heaviest day and highest volume day of the week.  Its also the only time I double up on training sessions.  As the weeks go on and I phase out the linear progression this will change and multiple workout days will become more of a regular occurrence.  In the end this is all a gradual build up toward finally breaking through the top 60 in next years Crossfit Open.  Here are the progression numbers as of this past Monday’s training session.  I told you it would start to get heavy.  Interestingly enough this squat session felt better than last Monday and Fridays and the Deads refused to stay on the floor.  This was the easiest PR I have ever set in my life.  After last weeks 365 I didn’t think I’d make this 5 but afterward felt like I could have loaded 450 pounds on the bar and done whatever I wanted with it.   

BS 325 5×3
BP 255 5×3
DL 375 1×5 (5 rep PR)