Don’t Scratch It!! or Squeeze It!!!

Joes Barbell
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In my last post I eluded to the fact that I almost lost my leg.  Those closest to me know this not an exaggeration.  Luckily enough I forced a surgery just in time and got my leg back into the safe zone.  Take my advice people.  The next time you have a little bug bit DON”T SQUEEZE IT or SCRATCH IT!!

The whole story goes like this.  At 2:30AM!!! during a wonderful drive to the top of Haleakala to take in a sunrise I noticed what appeared to be a little mosquito bite on my right shin.  Seemed harmless, so I did what I normally do and scratched the hell out of it and went on to watching a pretty cool sunrise.  It was definitely a one of a kind experience.  I was however a little disappointed at the climax of the adventure when the sun broke through clouds and a Hawaiian chant/prayer started to break out.  I wasn’t disappointed in the chant/prayer but disappointed that the people doing the chant were two haole park rangers.  Its my understanding that Haleakala is a pretty sacred place.  Maybe its me but stuff like that should be headed up by the locals, but I digress, back to my trauma.

something most of  you may never see in person but should

While driving back down the mountain I noticed that my leg was really starting to hurt.  Further examination of my leg revealed that a little white head had formed where there was once a harmless mosquito bit.  Thinking nothing of it, the first chance I had I sqeezed the hell out of it… gross, I know. Don’t worry, I instantly regretted the discussion.  It was painful and just a little different than the thousand other times I had done the same exact thing (stop it, you have to).  Full of regret I did what I had to do the rest of the day, ate breakfast, took in some fresh goat cheese at The Surfing Goat Dairy, and took a lovely dip in the pacific ocean that just so happened to be situated at the rear of my hotel.  Mind you that during all this there was hole in my leg pussing some bug poison.  I know what your thinking… WHAT A JACKASS.  Your right.  I knew something was a miss the entire day.  I knew so much that I had a conversation with the proprietor at the goat farm about the difference between a Brown Recluse and a Centipede bite.  Don’t worry, I still didn’t do anything about it, not even a band-aide.

This went on for a few days, even while home.  Where, I went swimming with dolphins, took in a nice dinner, and continued to coach, sweat and train.  It wasn’t until I started limping, the bit tuned black, and my toes went numb that I decided to go to the emergency room.  Once there I wasn’t going to be happy with some antibiotics and a pat on the tush.  I was given some options, looked the doc right in the eye and said, cut me Mick… Cut Me.  He did.  After a few check ups, a run in with a psychotic over worked ER doc., packing my own wound a few times, and practicing some good hygeine I was back to wolverine status.  Oh yeah, I also took a lot of antibiotics.  One was specially a murderer of ocean organisms.

My take was simple.  Instead of scratching and squeezing blemishes on my body I should probably clean, cover, and care for them.  All of which were points made time and time again by my lovely wife.  The truth is I may have just been bitten by a harmless nothing or even had an ingrown hair go sour.  I made matters awful by being an idiot and playing with live stock while having an open sore.  I hope I learned my lesson… probably not.  Facts are this share session will probably do more for you than me.  Underneath what appears to be a pretty normal guys lies a gross little kid that just can’t let it be.  If your interested in checking out the progression of my bite and first surgery (yes it was, I got cut) just scroll down.  Don’t worry, the pictures from my phone don’t do it justice.  All they really do is make me look like a big wimp, which I’m learning probably am.

Wish you could see how raised this bad boy was or feel the pain, not to mention the flash dims just how black it was

pre-surgery… yes it was… again the lighting doesn’t do the situation justice. 

post surgery.  They stuffed about a foot and half of that crap under my skin

The whole!!! Now your getting the idea.

Me doing what no one should have to do to themselves
just about better… minus a scar