Coffee Cup Max Out Round 1

Joes Barbell
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In preparation for the next contest of the year Coach Mike and I have decided to turn up the heat on Saturday’s training sessions.  The rules of engagement are simple.  Whoever PR’s their Snatch and/or Clean and Jerk by the most wins.  In the event that that no one PR’s the highest total wins.  If there is some sort of tie the squat max breaks it.  PR totals, no matter how small take priority over total.  The loser buys the winner next weeks coffee.   

As you will see in the video Coach Mike PR’d his clean and jerk (combine effort) by 5 pounds and won the first cup.  It was a great session followed by a ruthless WOD involving weighted 400 meter runs and overhead lunges.  Enjoy the lifts and pass along any helpful coaching points.  Before you start on me I already know my ass is rising to quickly and I’m breaking at the elbows a little early.  In my favor I do have to say I’m not afraid to play in the deep end of the pool and look pretty good in a pink head band.

Here’s to heavy lifting and going after a huge totals.  270 anyone?  Shoot for the stars or stay in bed.

Training Session Video