Its Labor Day… So Plan on Laboring!

I was going working through day one of the new program and couldn’t help but be reminded of my days as a Neshaminy Redskin.  Labor Day usually came toward the close of football camp or just after the first game.  The new school year was about to begin and for me it was a reminder that football was to be taken seriously at the Neshaminy High School.  Who practices on holidays?  We sure did and every labor day I’m reminded of it.  Coach Schmidt used to say it every year and I’d bet the better half of your paycheck that he said it today, “Its labor day, so plan on laboring!”  And, we did.  He would also close the practice and send us off with safe travels and the hopes that we’d enjoy our family and whatever BBQ (the verb, not the noun) we were off to.  I’d also being willing to bet that more often than not he also reminded us that whatever we got into that day we were representing our family, school, and community.  Hopefully at some point during this labor day you flipped back to some old glory days and smiled.  I know the Redskins are off to what will be another great season because they put in the work.  Good luck Skins,  best wishes America and when in doubt get to laboring. 

Here is a video of my labor day morning training session.  Day 1 of what will prove to be a few tough weeks of heavy lifting and bar slamming.  270 or bust!!!              

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You and Mike are looking awesome. Looking for that inspiration daily and watching this definitely worked……Thank you.