Doing Things Right Goes a Long Way

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The Man Baby Complex

I have heard it said before that the highest form of flattery is imitation.  Remember that has you click the link below (or above) and watch Mason deadlift, power clean, and jerk the swifter.  I’m not sure what he is doing but I think I’ll call it the man baby complex.  He has had a pretty tough week hence the lack of squatting.  I could take credit for his skills but that just wouldn’t be right.  The real credit has to go to the athletes at CrossFit 808.  The truth is I don’t coach Mason at all.  He simply watches everyone and imitates.  Along with everyone else at the gym I go out of my way to encourage this behavior, which is part of coaching I guess, because its cute, and cool, and down right awesome.  In my mind its also setting him up for future success.  Whether he goes into weightlifting, crossfit, football, or biology I hope that he sees the gym and being strong as just a part of life.  At this point I really think he sees the gym as a second home.  For the most part he is comfortable there, likes the people, and has a blast.  Thanks 808!!! 

I joke often while coaching and training that if there is any reason to do something perfect while at 808 its because Mason is watching and will most likely copy what you are doing.  Up to this point he looks pretty good to me.  Which, as it states at the end of the clip, says a lot about the maniacs that train at CrossFit 808.  You never know when you are going to inspire a gold medal performance, even if its 20 years away.  Happy Sunday Folks.