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Me acting strong and puffing it up before leaving for the weigh in

Before we get to the Honolulu Open lets do some house cleaning.  For those of you who anxiously await my words of wisdom it may seem as though posts are few and far between.  Truth is you are right.  No excuses but I have maniac son, an uber prego esposa (spanish for beautiful wifey), and have been wrapped up, when possible, in training for the meet that just took place.  All that said each week when I haven’t written a post I have put out a video via youtube, sometimes its training, other times its Mason going over head with stuff we leave round the house.  So, if you are really into my little projects, dare I say brand, subscribe to the youtube channel as well as the blog (BarbellsandBabies).  Truthfully, its very easy for me to share the youtube link on the blog.  Truthfully, as well, I’m part polish, pretty forgetful, and totally fried at times and would rather take a nap than point, click, and share.  Continuing on this house cleaning kick you can also check me out via twitter @joeshu2326.  I’m kinda funny, share awesome stuff, and am kind of a big deal… not really.  Fact is I’m doing this house keeping update to fluff myself up and pat my little self on the back.  It also seems that a few of you, like 22 actually, really seem to like what I have to say… which is cool.  Thanks for following folks, however you do.  In the future I’ll try to get stuff out there on more of a consistent basis and if there are more of you who enjoy my projects please subscribe, pass along some feed back, and let me know how I can do better.  The more I know your paying attention the more I’ll do.

On to the good stuff…

Myself, Nicole, Rob, and Josh cheesing and popin shocka’s
All the session 2 maniacs

The Honolulu Open was Awesome.  CrossFit 808 had a big turn out. Congrats to the other competitors, Bridgette, KP, Elyse, Bob, and Josh.  And, a huge thanks on behalf of all the competitors to all the 808 athletes that came out to support us.  808 literally took up over half of the seating and provided all of mojo… THANK!!!  I’d name names but I’d also miss a few and that just wouldn’t be bueno.

Some pretty cool things went down.  KP hit a PR clean and jerk, Bob and Bridette busted their Oly. meet cherries, Josh tied a PR clean and Jerk, Elyse broke a state record and qualified for the American Open, and I PR’d my clean 148Kg (326lbs) and posted a 260 total qualifying for the American myself; not to shabby for a bunch of crossfitters.

It was also a chance to check out some weightlifting celebrities get to work.  Two members of California Strength jumped the pond for a vacation and decided to catch a meet while on Oahu Rob Blackwell and Nicole “littest” Lim.  It was great talking shop and getting a few tips on warming up, timing attempts, and working your competitors back stage.  I’m hoping they take 808 up on the offer to train this Monday before they hit Maui, there ain’t a better place to get work in. 

Video will be out shortly so stay tuned.  Awesome work 808.  Personally speaking, and I’m pretty sure I can speak for the other competitors as well, its a great feeling knowing that people are supportive and genuinely want you to do well.  Not sure when the next meet is but when we find out we will get the word out and get you ready.