Getting “Ish” Done: Living Breathing Miracle #2 Has Hit the Street

Miracle 1 kissing miracle 2… a miracle of its own

Alright, I’ll fess up and admit the truth – YES! I make miracles happen.  At the box, in the house, and in the streets I change lives for the better.  I get people climbing rope who never thought they could, hitting PR’s, and even have been guilty of curing some terrible mobility issues (thanks mobility wod, Dr. Danny and Eliza for the help on that one).  You should see the night time routine I have Mason on.  That crazy kid is eyes shut no matter what by 7.  Want my secret?  To be honest I’m not sure but I think it has something to do with my ability to hit 265 pound snatches at will (another miracle).  
More examples you ask?   The biggest and most recent miracle brought forth into this world via my hands is the new mouth to feed and member of Szymanek Hawaii.  That’s right you six people who read this blog and don’t really know who I am, on November 6th, I mean 7th, Charlianne (baby #2) started breathing her own air and has since gained two pounds, stretched 2 inches, and is pooping peeing and spitting up like a champ.  I have to say without so much as a hesitation that without my hand stirring the pot that night none of that would be happening.   
What do you mean?  Well, first and foremost, but definitely not most importantly,  I will give Eliza some credit.  She pulled off another all natural, no drugs, without a hitch labor and birth.  What I won’t give her credit for is driving to the hospital at 4 in the morning, handing our birth plan to the nurse, always having a cool towel handy when needed, and spotting her when she started to go into squat/holy crap mode.  The spotting one is actually a grey area.  I may be able to squat 400 pounds and clean 325 whenever I want but holding a squat and a a pregnant women up for 2 minutes straight while her uterus is contracting is rough business and the definition of high intensity training.  I have to admit I grabbed a chair, but not until after Eliza asked for the birthing ball.   
I will also take a little credit, actually all of it, for keep cool and keeping the program moving under incredibly stressful circumstances.  Did you know that delivery room nurses and Doctors are really good about making their shift changes?  I found out the quick and dirty way that at Tripler Medical Center shifts change on a dime and at 6 am.  At which point, our Doctor said “Peace out cub scout… and mommy about to start pushing.”  Guess what?  Fourteen minutes later, three pushes (1 of which took place with no one in the room but me and the mommy now pushing) and a “YO!!!, IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT!!!” from me to the new doc with the deer in head lights look, a baby was born.  What prompted the YO!!!?  How’s about an umbilical cord around a babies neck and a declining heart rate?  No worries.  Obviously it all worked.   
Coolest part about the delivery was (and this isn’t common) but Eliza’s water never broke and when Charli’s head popped out she was still in the sac.  Why is that cool?  It’s a sign of good luck, good fortune and even a sign of prophetic ability to come.  Look it up yourself, I didn’t.  Instead I took the doctors word for it and made Eliza google it.  Any who, now you understand why I haven’t been a blog posting fool over the last month.  I’ve been too busy getting “ish” done… YOU’RE WELCOME!!!         

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LMBO You are a miracle worker indeed, Joe! Way to go Eliza! Congratulations you two. She is precious. 🙂

Thanks Laura! How's that home gym working?