Joes Barbell
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There’s is the fam trying to get settled in SC. 
Its hard to imagine that I haven’t written anything since January.  Literally, nothing.  I developed a phobia of pens, paper, keyboards, and all things self serving(which is really all this blog is) when Charli was born.  Don’t get me wrong, having two babies isn’t at all like being dragged through hell backward, or being forced to do double Murph with sand paper glued to your inner thigh; but its not a day on the river either.  A lot has happened, much is in the mix, and more is to come.  Pay attention, pray for my computer to not crash again, and hope that Charli sleeps through the night for a fifth consecutive night.  That’s right, she’s finally doing it and it only took 11 months.  Best part is that lately Mason has been waking up, but, I digress.  On with the useless info from a guy who can barely keep his own head above water. 
If you’re like me, hope not, you aren’t as good as you think you are… at anything.  Fact is, even if you have a little bit of knowledge, an ounce of skill, or a shred of talent, there is someone around you who is better.  Sorry, it’s true.  For instance, if there is one thing I always felt good about regarding my crossfit skill set it’s my mental toughness.  LMFAO!!! I meant Olympic lifting.  I’ll hook the bar and give it hell for a single any day, all day.  I find it fun to do, interesting to learn about, and for a guy who has been pretty much self-coached have posted ok numbers.  I did qualify for the American Open last year.  All that being said since the games I’ve been in a funk.  Training has been up and down, I’m not hitting numbers consistently, and it seems that with every step I take forward, I end up taking three backward. 

What’s a guy to do? Finally, the point and or relatable piece of subject matter that hopefully, you, the reader can pull from. 

I found people smarter than me and better than me at Olympic lifting and asked for help.  WHO?  Well, I called up Diane Fu, sent her some video and talk her ear off for an hour.  I drove up to Fort Mills, SC and participated in a meet and got some quality eyes on me.  Ever hear of Team MDUSA?  That was a helpful afternoon.  While at the meet I got to talking with StephenPowell and he has graciously taken me on as one of his projects (no he doesn’t work for free).  Recently, while working with Stephen, I shared a session with an animal who made my competition PR’s look like an empty barbell.  Toward the end I think a little something rubbed off.  I’d post the video but I don’t have premission and I’m trying to play nice with my new friends.      

Why sift through a bag of trash, full of diapers and half eaten rotten apples, only to realize your wife put your keys in your shoes so you would be sure to find them.  If you pick up the phone, meet the smarties around you, and have real discussions with real questions and answers you might just find what you’re looking for without losing your shirt.  It all starts with you simply realizing that aren’t nearly as good as you think you are. 
Here is to building better totals!