Is Your Box Really That Great?

I’ve been into CrossFit for just over three years, a small portion of that was actually prebok if you can believe it.  Add to that the fact that I’ve been coaching in some capacity since 2004, studied Exercise Science and Sports Coaching while in College, have been credentialed in multiple mediums to coach, and moreover, played team sports since 3rd grade I believe I have some experience with training and facilities that claim to host training sessions.  I have seen a lot, see something new every day, and would feel very comfortable putting Eliza’s hard earned Uncle Sam sponsored dollar bills on it that I’ll see a bunch more before I pretend to know enough. 

With all this experience in training, coaching, and gyms/boxes/training facilities/garages#thepit… opps forgot what format I was in.  I’d say I’m a pretty good judge regarding the quality of a Box.  So how would I tell you to make sure your sweat house is a legit athletic training facility?  Simple.  It’s all in the coaching.  Forget how big the rig is, how many platforms there are, if there is a squat rack (actually if there aren’t any it’s no bueno), what state the bars claim to be from, if the rowers are black, or how great the kids area is.  You can find that stuff anywhere.  

A real training facility may have all or none of the above mentioned.  What all real training facilities do have is quality coaching.  You know it right away and can see it from a mile. 

Are all the athletes actively engaged?  Is there a clear leader within the group?  Are people learning something?  Are people being called by their names?  Are classes focused on skill acquisition, proper movement patterns, and actually putting in real work?  Do the coaches encourage and help set performance related goals?  Is building strength a focus?  Is there a warm up? A cool down?  Who makes sure you do it?  Do they care if you do it?  Do they care who you are?      

Goodness that’s a bunch and there is still more.  The point is, where you go to get better regarding your movement patterns, fitness, and quality of life should have pretty clear answers to these questions and more.  I’d tell you right now that if you walk into your place of training and are free to run amuck it’s just an expensive playground, not a place of training.  And Guess what?   There is nothing wrong with that.  Just don’t call what you are doing training.  What you do with your money is entirely up to you.  For me I’ll play for free next to the dog park with my kiddos, and keep myself away from the physical therapist.  If I want to train I go where the coaching matters.

Here is to knowing if you’re building a better total                       

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I agree 100%
It doesn't matter how much gear a box has. Its the coaching that makes the difference.
We are often asked by folks looking for a Martial Arts dojo, what to look for. Its not how fancy the site is the the teaching, and as you say you can tell that a mile away.