Trouble in Paradise

Joes Barbell
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I won’t turn this post into a comparison between Hawaii and Columbia, South Carolina, that just wouldn’t be good for anyone.  In Hawaii we lived four blocks from the beach, enjoyed endless sunshine, gorgeous weather, and were a walk away from whatever we wanted; including the Onkier (damn you Yogur Story for changing you’re menu).  Now stuck in the burbs we are racking up highway miles, haven’t found that go to breakfast spot, are having fun dealing with a slight chill, having to wear shoes that cover your toes, long pants, and most recently day light savings.  Did I just do what I said I wouldn’t?  DAMN IT!

Honestly, it hasn’t been all bad.  I have found a great place to coach, finally starting to train with some consistency, we doubled our living space while cutting our living expenses in half (although we also took a pay cut and by we I mean Eliza), and Gas is under three dollars a gallon; no shit!  I also stumbled onto a sweet farmers market that had a one stop gem for plenty of goodness.   

First a little history.  One of the biggest changes that paleo has made in my life is as a consumer.  Without diving into paleo I wouldn’t be aware of the differences between grass-fed, humanely raised protein, wild caught fish; verse that of grain fed, feed lot and farmed fish products.  The resulting knowledge has made it pretty important for me to find local grass-fed and wild sources of such products.  In fact, if I can buy anything local I will.  Food that doesn’t travel thousands of miles is just better, fact. 

With feet on the ground in Columbia for just over a month I’ve struck gold.  Will-Moore Farms is one such place that serves the local community.  More than just beef, they raise chickens, lamb, pork, turkeys and the icing on top of the flourless chocolate cake; Dairy Cows.  All of which are grass-fed, pastured critters that live a happy life.  They also source grass-fed butter from the PA Amish community, make chees, sausage, bacon and home school their babies.  Why?  Because they need them on the farm to do some work. 

I really believe that happy animals make happy food and so far so good.  The beef liver I fried up was the best I’ve ever had.  If you’ve been following on social media outlets you’re aware of the beef shanks I’ve been stewing all day, and all that connective tissue was wonderful.  Beside the product being great, Keith (yup the same guy who runs the farms sells the stuff, right next to his daughter) was a great guy and honest man.  Something about that situation sits well with me.  For some reason I believe that when a business interacts with the people it serves it does a better job of serving.  It was great to hear Keith say that he appreciated my support.  I appreciate what he does just as much.       

Not sure about you but I’ve never shaken hands with Mr. Tyson’s Chicken or met anyone who has.  I’d also be willing to bet he could care less about you, me, my babies or the fact that his chicken’s never see the light of day before their vacuumed up and processed.  Find it if you can (and you can) and meet that people processing your food.    

It’s sure to help you build a better total
Support your local farmer 
If your in SC here is the link to Keith’s buisness…
You can also find them on Facebook and twitter @wilmoorefarms