Love Thy Liver

Joes Barbell
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Chuckie getting filthy on the best thing any of us can eat… LIVER

If you have been following Joe’s Barbell on Instagram you may have noticed a precious picture and video of Charli taking liver straight to the face.  You might have also seen her stuffing a pork chop into her gills.  Home girl is a definitely a meat-a-terian.  Fact is I’m thrilled she loves meat (don’t you dare go there, she’s barely one) and liver.  Her older brother was a little more difficult.  We had to shave liver and hide it in things like bananas and eggs for him to eat it.  Liver is a great protein for everyone to eat, not just babies, for a variety of reasons. 

First off it’s extremely affordable.  I get high quality, local, grassfed liver from a variety of places here in Columbia for no more than $3.50 per pound.  That includes Whole Foods, where everything usually comes with a $7 dollar mark up.  Not too shabby for the most nutrient dense, super food on the planet. 

Since adding it to my, and Charli’s, morning breakfast I’ve noticed an extra pep in my step, probably all those B Vitamins.  This is crucial for me considering the boogie man has reared his ugly head my way and sleep has been limited to about 4 consecutive hours a night, uhg!   Red meat and organ meats in general don’t get the credit they deserve regarding vitamin and mineral content.  Check out this link for a chart that proves it.  Fact is that liver is the storage center for goodies like vitamins A, D, E, K, B12, folic acid, and minerals such as copper and iron (again, more helpful info from Chris Kresser ).  Here is another case where eating liver can save you some green.  Why not eat a few ounces of liver and get all that stuff, rather than eat plain old muscle tissue and have to supplement to get it? 

Fact is, if you’re broke, you should eat Liver. If you care about your health, you should eat Liver.  If you’re performance matters, you should Liver.  If you’re going green and taking care of the planet and all gods little creatures matters, you should eat liver.  Plain and simple… you should eat liver.

Below I have provided two links From Chris Kresser’s Blog, a must read resource for anyone looking to get the skinny regarding the traditional diet scene.  Chris is my go to internet source for anything diet if I can’t get Dustin on the phone or he isn’t home.  Yeah that’s right, old boy tricked us into to taking him in again.  What can we say, we find strays cute.  Truthfully, check these links out.  One is a recipe for liver the other is a nice write up.  Truth is I was going to write up my own liver review but found Kresser’s write up and chart hit the nail on the head. 

Click, enjoy, share, practice and repeat… all of which will put you one step closer toward building a better total.