Szymanek X-Mas Letter 2013

Joes Barbell
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Merry Christmas world.  Without a doubt this year went by in a blur.  Eliza and I aren’t so sure that comes with age or kiddos but time is certainly growing a strong set of legs as we continue our journey through it together.  Reviewing the year and recounting mile stones seems a little more difficult than years past.  I’m not sure if that means we are doing less or just forgetting more.  Looking back on past letters, we used to discuss adventures and career mile stone’s.  Now pondering this year’s addition to our Christmas tradition Eliza and I mostly muster up stories of potty training and first steps.  On with the highlights, or what we can remember. 

My last day with the team… Good Luck 808

Two giant events consumed the family for a matter of months, the CrossFit Games and our families move across the ocean.  As predicted Crossfit 808 stormed Norcal for a second consecutive year and took first in the region.  Getting to the games and competing on the biggest stage in competitive fitness was great.  To say that our team experience was an up and down one would be an understatement.  We finished three events in the top 10 and the others in the bottom 35, placing 21st overall, one spot out of the final WOD, which I’d have to say we would have nailed.  I think the experience will do the team well as they move forward in the new season.  I wish them all the luck in the world and am pretty sure that with their new addition they’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the big stage.
This just about sums up our feeling at the time!!!
Kiddos in Jackson Square, pre tah tas

Our move back east was interesting.  It all started with moving out of our condo.  We almost had to evacuate our ENTIRE 48 story high rise do to our bone head movers.  These guys placed all of our plastic wear on our cook top, accidently turned the burners on, and walked away from the job for who knows how long.  Luckily, everyone was safe, but for days people walked around our building saying “What’s that smell?”  The adventure continued as we stopped in New Orleans, the only city in America where seeing a 70 year old woman’s tatas in the street on a Wednesday before 7 pm is normal……true story.  Ask Mason……
my kiddos… NOT USING THE POTTY!!!
Something else to ask the Szymanek kiddos, is when the heck they are going to start using the potty?  Charli and Mason love to poop.  It’s probably their second favorite thing aside from waking Eliza and I up at four in the morning.  Mason loves his poop so much he refuses to put it in the potty.  I don’t think he’ll ever use the potty.  That’s not true, the little guy does use it while naked, but only to pee.  Interesting huh?  Not sure what that means?  I’m pretty sure we have to send him to preschool with pants on right? The weirdest part of this whole ordeal is how easily we engage the topic.  Is this one of those things parents are just comfy with… talking shit?  Who knows?  Truthfully if you’re looking for a good time stop by 131 Abbeywalk anytime Mason sits on the potty, you’d be hard pressed to find more revelry at a Gamecocks game.

The cell phone scares me… the up and down spine and ass to grass squat gives me hope
Charli is growing at an alarming rate.  The other day she grabbed my phone and dialed the boy across the street.  Charli girl is packed with personality and is not at all afraid to voice her opinion.  While Mason was her age we begged to hear him talk.  Currently, we are enjoying every quiet moment we get before the hell storm that is sure to arrive when Chuck starts to form full sentences.  She is also going to be one tough chick.  Mason thinks it’s funny to chest pump her and watch her fall down, she gets right back up and gives him this look like “you better watch yourself BRO!”

This really says it all!!!

Right now we are running man on man defense on our little crazies.  They are always keeping us on our toes, and aside from the time Mason escaped the condo and went missing for 12 minutes, we’ve kept them pretty safe.  We’ve dusted off our winter clothes from circa 1989, and are slowly settling into the South.  Lots to look forward to in 2014!  Now that we are officially back on the East coast we look forward to lots of time with family and friends!  Continue to follow barbellsandbabies.blogspot.com and joesbarbell on Instagram and twitter for many more exciting adventures from Szymanek Columbia! 

 Love joe, eliza, mason & charli