Happy New Year… maybe

Joes Barbell
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I tip toed around this conversation last year during my new year’s post and decided that this year I’d just come out and say it, I hate this New Years’ time of year.  Hurray! It’s off my chest.  It’s probably why I’ve been walking around in a fog the last week or so.  Literally, every time someone said happy New Year to me I felt like a rusty spoon was driven between my splenius capitis and cervicis.  Splenius capitis and cervicis you ask?  They are a couple muscles on the back of your neck that help to extend the head and neck and laterally bend and rotate the head (that tid bit came off an anatomy flash card set I purchased one new years when I decreed to get a better handle on my anatomy).  I’ve been grinning and baring this New Year’s pleasantness far too long.  All the while in the back of my head I’m thinking, “What the hell is there to be happy about because it’s January?”  Oh yeah that’s right its cold and I get to hear about all the great things you’re going to give up on before the end of February.   Harsh! Harsh!! Harsh!!! I know but sorry, it’s more true than not.  I’ve watched far too many people not quit smoking this time of year to feel any other way.

So, if you must take this time of year to reassess your life and make adjustments let’s review some goal setting principals.  Here are the basics… again.  Let’s make the goals specific and achievable.  Fact is if you smoke a cartoon a day you’re not going quit cold turkey by February.  Trim the fat slowly and give yourself a goal you can hit.  Try half a cartoon today.  Do it.  Pat yourself on the back, and readjust.  Next, attach a time frame to your goal.  I want to be down to smoking a pack a week by April.  Your goal should also be relevant.  Meaning it should matter to you and you should want to quit smoking because it’s killing you.  It’s also helpful to let the people around you know what your goals are.  Tell your mom, your brother, your crazy ass lover, I don’t care.  Just be sure to tell someone who will hold you accountable to your goal and is emotionally invested in your achieving it.  If your smoking goal buddy is Anoop at the local Shell station do you really think he is going to make sure you don’t buy cigarettes from him?  Probably not, but your family should care because when you smoke around them your killing them too.  Google goal setting strategies you’ll get a host of SMART tips.    

I get it.  New Year’s is cool for most people because it’s an easy time to start fresh.  I guess I’m just cynical regarding the topic because I’ve failed with resolutions that much more than the last guy.  Don’t get wrapped up in doing something just because it’s January.  Get wrapped up in doing something because it’s going to make your life or someone else’s life better.  Truthfully, yours truly, has been on a soul searching mission for a good bit and I’m coming to find that whether you’re chasing joy, love, faith, happiness, success, whatever, it all starts with you actively seeking that with which your life is lacking.  I think there is a book out there that says something along the lines of ask and you shall receive? 

It all starts with YOU setting your own path… 

Hopefully one that leads to building a better total!

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