Joes Barbell
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I love this video.  I came across it a while back (may have even written about it) and frequently replay it.  I’m not a body builder by any means, I don’t do curls often, and I actually place a high value on doing every exercise (even curls) correctly.  In fact, doing things the right way from a technical stand point is what good Weightlifting is all about. 

In my own training, under Coach Powell, I have dialed back a lot of the maxing out and focus very much on doing things right, because I want too (more like coach wants me to).  Most recently, Coach has had me working no hands no feet snatches that can only be performed with light loads and require a high degree of technical proficiency.  Snatching without using the thumb in my grip or being able to move my feet is helping me pull with proper positioning and actively drive my body under the bar, among other things I’m sure.    

But I digress, back to CT’s video. 
So why would a weightlifter/weightlifting coach who wants things done right and works hard to do things right appreciate a video like this?  Because it’s mean, funny and the music is cool.  Because it serves as a small reminder that sometimes (not often) you just need to grip it and rip it (but please put safety first).  Because CT has a beard, acts hard, and makes cursing almost sound poetic.  Because ISYMFS!  Because it reminds me that part of the reason I like Weightlifting is because it’s the last thing I’m better at than most people and it’s feels great to be good at something.   

This video reminds me that before I was a husband, father and COO of the DDC I played football, talked shit, and got into just enough trouble to not hurt too many people’s feelings.  It also reminds me that Weightlifting is probably my last chance to prove that I still have some awesomeness left in me, compete at a high level, and plain and simple kick ass.  I think most dad’s out there would agree that 87% of the time playing house is great.  For that other 13% most guys still trying to be a man need as many reminders as possible that we are just better at something. 
Find that something and give it hell… do it right if you want to… do it wrong if you want to… but do it hard!!!