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Joes Barbell
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In an effort to spread the word that detecting Ebola, EV68, Influeza and other microbes doesn’t have to be hard.  Dr, Charles Wick US Army COL retired sat down with Jonathon and Kelly of 100.1 WVOC.  This is a 90 sec promotional piece.  The full interview will air on Saturday (Oct.25th) at 11am Est.  Those not residing in Columbia SC can listen (free) via the iheartradioapp

To view Charels’s web page and get a full summery of both books check out www.chw42.com

If you want cliff notes written by yours truly check out Ebola and Me

It is my attempt at sharing info that is a crucial to the American Public. If know one else will write about revolutionary science and put it is language normal people can grasp, then  I’m your BOY! There is a good part. If a dumb pollock can explain it – your bound to grasp it.  Empower yourself through knowledge.  Ask questions read and think for yourself. Does this method of detection make sense?  For me, MSP and IVDS are the only things going on in this country that make any sense. Quick quick easy and cheap ways to detect and classify micros leads to more data. With all the data the development of dose response curves will give us a better understanding of how to interact with microbes; hopefully in the end leading to less interaction and disease.      

If by some chance you would like to purchase Charles’s book go to http://www.crcpress.com/.
You can also purchase the books on Amazon (hard cover and Ebook)
Integrated Virus Detection
Indentifying Microbes Using Mass Spectometry and Proteomics
Charles Recommends that you request you local army by it and you borrow it – Give it a go!!!!