Cheryl Haworth: The Princess and the Platform (preview)

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This is one of the most of exciting interviews for me to release to date, so much so that I had to write this preview post to keep calm.  I had the chance to meet Cheryl Hayworth a few month ago at a clinic she gave with Stephen Powell at Kore Wellness.  As a daddy wishing to raise two, take no shit, and strong daughters I am on a mission to establish relationships with women I want my daughters to know about.  I have worked pretty hard to stay in contact with Cheryl as she has since moved to Hong Kong and started coaching herself.  She herself will admit that me tracking her down and keeping in touch has been no easy task, or I’m just that creepy!

Having met Cheryl, and spent time, in person and recording for other projects, I knew going into this recording that I wanted to attack this interview differently than others on the Doc and Jock Podcasts.  I really thought Weightlifters, folks who enjoy lifting weights, and anyone looking to bump themselves up a tier in any endeavor would benefit most by learning more about Cheryl as a person than any technical advice she could provide about lifting. That is by no means saying she does not have a wealth of technical advice to pass along. Any cue she provides is worth her weight in gold medals.

Cheryl has achieved what very few folks in any sport, business or personal relationship can claim.  She has climbed the mountain in her chosen craft and been counted as, what I like to call, a top 1%’er.  The only American Weightlifter who can match her credentials and international success is Tommy Kono.  Cheryl metaled in the 2000 Olympics, was recently inducted into the USAW Hall of Fame and been a member of 3 Olympic Teams.  To read more about Cheryl’s achievements check out a previous blog post here, or simply type her name into your google machine.

I think what may surprise folks that don’t know Cheryl personally is that she values the memories she has made on her Weightlifting journey much more than her medals.  She truly is a humble and hilarious women.  I think that is what will come through most in this interview.  I did my best to dig in and explore the personality traits that made her successful and also forced her to explore the reasons and consistent characteristics that allowed her to get into the ZONE while competing.  The Short answer is that she thrived while having all eyes on her, formed a support structure that wasn’t shy to laugh off the negative, and competed, a lot, I mean a lot.  Each of which in some way, shape and contributed to her ability to focus and thrive in a competitive setting.

Currently Cheryl is coaching in Hong Kong, will be visiting the US in mid-November to do a clinic with Ursula Garze Papandrea at Texas Barbell Club, and if I am lucky can get her to write a few guest blog posts on developing the mental toughness to not only win medals on the International Weightlifting Stage, but also battle back from catastrophic injuries; she has done each more than once!

For more on Cheryl check out her Documentary Strong!  I found it pretty easily on itunes and I believe is very assemble on other streaming platforms like amazon.  As a little bonus here is a YouTube link to some of her biggest and best lifts.

Also, be sure to visit the Texas Barbells page,  social media accounts, or click here to reserve your ticket for a 3 hour clinic hosted by Ursula and Cheryl at Redside CrossFit / Weightlifting Wise in Leander TX on Nov. 17.

And of course, be on the lookout for a great interview to go on the Doc and Jock webpage on Nov. 4th!  I have to say I stood 6 inches taller when Cheryl compared my interview with sitting down with the likes of Bob Costas!  I don’t know if I am that good but I do know that Cheryl is!

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