Anton Jefferson – Finding Passion And Performance With Weightlifting

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Anton Jefferson (Weightlifter, Coach and Entrepreneur) joins the podcast this week for episode #223 to share his passion for Olympic Weightlifting and what he’s doing to help spread the word about the ultimate strength skill.

Anton is a dynamic coach and passionate athlete, as you’ll get to experience in the session.

There are many great insights and nuggets in this one – and I know you’ll get value from this week’s episode.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the session:

  • How (and why) Anton got “hooked” with Weightlifting
  • What abilities enabled him to excel in the sport
  • How “technical” is Olympic Weightlifting really?
  • The “one thing” he does to get better as a weightlifter
  • What he learned from injury
  • How Dr. Stuart McGill influences his training
  • We discuss PR’s at seminars – good or bad???
  • What makes a great coach?
  • Weightlifting benefits for the “general athlete?”
  • The big misconception with Olympic Weightlifting
  • 3 of the most common mistakes with the Snatch
  • As a coach, where does he start with his athletes?
  • What he wishes he knew when he got started
  • What he recommends to learn biomechanical principles
  • The training books he recommends the most
  • How to get better as an athlete
  • His favorite books – and why
  • Actionable closing advice and more…

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