E13 | James Tatum, Walt Neubauer, Leo Totten & More

Joes Barbell
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On this very special edition of the Everyday Weightlifter Podcast we are joined by 2x National Champion Weightlifter James Tatum & legendary coaches Walt Neubauer & Leo Totten for round table discussion on training. This episode was recorded during East Coast Gold’s camp in Wilmington, NC.

We are releasing this episode today to celebrate the release of James Tatum’s new book The Physically Prepared Weightlifter. The book is a badass guide to training your GPP (general physical preparedness), which is a fancy way of saying your athletic potential. James used this method to accelerate his growth in our sport and after checking it out we are  fired up to help him promote it.

Listen to the podcast and download your copy HERE, it’s only $30 which is a bargain for information this great.