Anthony Renna – Behind The Scenes With The Strength Coach Podcast

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(#227) Anthony Renna, fitness professional and longtime fellow podcaster, joins the show this week for a fantastic and entertaining chat about his experiences in podcasting.

For the last 10 years, Anthony has been the voice behind The Strength Coach Podcast, which has been a leading fitness podcast.

This is one of the coolest interviews I’ve done and it’s also loaded with ‘life lessons.”

You may know that I enjoy bringing you innovative guests and topics. Well, this is certainly one of them.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • The story behind the “Strength Coach Podcast”
  • An open and honest conversation about fitness podcasting
  • The challenges of podcasting today
  • How the process of podcasting has changed
  • The joys and pitfalls of The Strength Coach Podcast
  • 3 interviews who stand out through the years
  • His “Al Vermeil” story…
  • His surprising interview preparation and interview tips
  • The dangers of over-preparing for guests
  • How to deal with difficult interviews
  • The #1 lesson that he’s learned from his interviews
  • What he loves about StrongFirst
  • What conferences and workshops he recommends
  • The top attributes of a great coach
  • How he transitioned away from being a gym owner
  • Would he recommend opening a gym?
  • Learn about his other podcast ventures
  • His best advice to “read for action”
  • Closing advice after listening to our interview…

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