Jon Engum – How To Become Flexible Steel

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(#228) Jon Engum, Martial Arts Expert and Master SFG Strong First Instructor, is this week’s featured guest.

This is the first time Jon has been a guest on the show and I’m very excited to have him share his incredible knowledge.

Jon is the author of the book Flexible Steel and is the Creator and Chief Instructor of the Flexible Steel Training System.

Here’s what you’ll learn this week:

  • What exactly is the Flexible Steel approach?
  • Flexibility vs Mobility – can they be targeted differently?
  • How much flexibility is enough?
  • How Jon’s training system was developed
  • The Pavel Story…
  • Understand the levels of the Flexible Steel system
  • A “live” movement experiment we did during the show (*must listen to)
  • The 3 S’s – what this means with Jon’s approach
  • How much has advanced since Jon wrote his book
  • Hear about Jon’s brand-NEW book – Trembling Shock
  • The partnership between Flexible Steel and StrongFirst
  • How the system integrates with the Functional Movement Screen
  • The split press and the ‘Flexible Steel 5’
  • Benefits of the “4 weeks to Flexible Steel program”
  • What Jon says are mistakes in Flexibility programs
  • Learn about the level 1 and level 2 certifications
  • The value of the SOTS press
  • Pavel’s greatest gift???
  • Outstanding closing advice…

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