Ben Pakulski – The Mind-Muscle Connection

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(#239) Ben Pakulski is the featured guest this week and he shares great perspective on his unconventional approach to muscle building. This is actually a deep conversation covering a lot more than just muscle building.

Ben is a IFBB professional bodybuilder (now retired) who helps people take an intelligent approach to muscle building and beyond.

We had a great conversation that covered the mind-muscle connection to maximize training results.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • Ben’s experience coming fresh off of his Tony Robbins weekend
  • Why he never wanted to be “big” when he started training
  • The most important factor in stimulating muscle growth
  • What we really need to know about hypertrophy training
  • Specific techniques to increase muscular tension
  • How he approaches athletic development
  • A simple technique to use ‘internal focus’
  • Understand myofibrillar hypertrophy vs. sarcoplasmic
  • What he thinks about volume as it relates to hypertrophy
  • The 3 different types of training stimulus
  • A key lesson he learned from Arnold
  • Common myths related to muscle building
  • Muscle building for health – the real reason to train
  • What drives his training today
  • Great closing advice on muscle building and fat loss…

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