How To Overcome Low Back Pain (The Pain-Performance Matrix)

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(#243) How do you return to training following an injury?

In this week’s episode, I’ll share the exact framework and mindset I use to get back to pain-free performance.

Many years ago, I had a devastating low back injury that changed my life. I’ll share the impact of that injury and how it made me think differently about my training approach in the long term.

While I was able to fully return from that injury and train at a high level, I have had an occasional tweaks throughout the years.

How I approach those tweaks can be explained through the Pain-Performance Matrix.

While I share specifics around dealing with low back pain, this simple model can be applied with any minor injury to return to full pain-free performance.

Here’s a few things I’ll share with you this week:

  • The story about my low back injury and how it happened
  • The 3 biggest mistakes I made (as I look back at the event)
  • The 5 things I did to fully recover after the injury
  • How to use the Pain-Performance Matrix to overcome minor training-related injuries
  • How to safely get back to full training, as fast as possible

Here’s a visual illustration of the Pain-Performance Matrix that I discuss in this week’s show. Make sure to listen to the show to understand how I apply the model.

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Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS is a strength coach, athlete, and former “physio” who’s mission is to bridge the gaps in strength, performance and injury prevention. Scott is the author of the book, The Edge of Strength.

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