Katie Gould – What It Takes To Own A Successful Gym Business

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(#244) Katie Gould is a highly successful gym owner in Philadelphia. She’s the founder of KGStrong, which was recently voted the “Best of Philly” and she caught my attention because of her unique approach to health and fitness in the gym business.

Katie’s approach blends strength training, kettlebells, and yoga to unite a passionate community of fitness enthusiasts. She is a StrongFirst Level II instructor, FMS certified specialist,  yoga practitioner, and more.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, coach or gym owner, you’ll get interesting new insights about training and what it takes to be successful in the fitness industry.

In this week’s session, here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • What made her decide to open a gym and how she got started
  • What she does different in the gym business to be successful
  • How she builds a thriving “community” with her client base
  • How she pairs kettlebells with yoga for a unique approach to fitness
  • The secret to running a successful gym
  • What are the challenges of gym ownership?
  • When to consider opening a gym
  • How she got involved in kettlebells and what was the hook for her?
  • A powerful, actionable takeaway after hearing this interview
  • And much more…
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