E46 | Becoming A Podium Contender

It’s Nationals week! So we thought it would be a good opportunity to chat on what it takes to go from being a podium pretender to a podium contender. This will apply to both Everyday Weightlifters and those of you who are on or chasing the Nationals level.

Qualifying for nationals is one thing, making a podium is another.  In this release Phil and Joe run through some of the young and new lifting talent on the ECG National Squad.  

To follow the lifters discussed check out their Instagram feeds.

Teresa Kiel @teresa_kiel

Ryan Metzger @coach_metz

Heather Hudson @twoooo_hh

Kareem Selwaeh @kareem_selwaeh

Tom Duer @tomduer

Charles McDonald @mchas2020

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What’s up with the audio on some of these latest episodes? Joe’s audio comes out of one side of my earphones and Phil on the other. This kind of sucks for me because when I listen to your guys’ podcast I can only have one earphone in at a time (need to keep my other ear ‘free’).