Sue Falsone – Bridging The Gap From Rehab To Performance

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(#257) Sue Falsone, author and sports performance training expert, joins the podcast this week for an in-depth discussion about her latest work.

Sue Falsone is the Founder of Structure and Function Education and Falsone Consulting who’s a return guest on the podcast.

She has an amazing background in Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, and Strength & Conditioning and now she’s the author of a breakthrough book “Bridging The Gap From Rehab To Performance.”

Here’s what you’ll learn about this week:

  • The highlight of her professional career
  • What was the most challenging time in her career
  • Looking back, is there anything she’d change?
  • What role does she identify with the most?
  • How she juggled the roles of clinician and strength & conditioning specialist
  • What it means to “bridge the gap”and why she wrote the book?
  • Who Sue says will benefit from her work the most
  • How to get the most from the book – no matter your background
  • Sue discusses her book writing process – how this book got done!
  • Her secret to getting things done (what works for her)
  • How her system was developed through the years
  • The seminar that initiated the system
  • The simple explanation of the “bridge the gap” system
  • An fundamental understanding of the process (or continuum)
  • Is there a most important part to this system?
  • A detailed explanation of the “pain to performance” system
  • What’s most important to understand in the process?
  • Can this approach be applied to the non-athlete?
  • The truth about scientific evidence – and how to use it
  • What can be cone better in the research world
  • Understand the role of the nervous system in performance (good & bad)
  • How she uses breathing and relaxation practices
  • The 2 functions of the diaphragm muscle
  • How she incorporates breathing exercises herself
  • Thoughts about “the current state of physical therapy”
  • The BIG action step after hearing this interview…

Movement is really helpful for pain control. If want to decrease pain, one of the best things to do is to move. -Sue FalsoneClick To Tweet

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