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Thanks for tuning into my chat with Dan over at Evryman! It was a fun experience to work through some of my insecurities and learn a little more about mindfully excepting praise.


If you’re interested in checking out some of the content I produce I have linked a bunch of it below. Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube Videos and some free training templates are a click away.  Thanks gang and please, if you need a hand juggling life and training I’d love to help! 


Below are link to my five most popular blog posts from

  1. Set Up So You Don’t Mess Up
  2. Make Everyday Back Day:  Adding Dead Bugs to Your Workout
  3. Dad Tip: Don’t Bit Off More Than You Can Chew
  4. Improve Your Snatch For CrossFit: Cycling Tips
  5. Improve Your Drop Snatch: Practicing the Skill of Stability

Also, check out my Podcast, Doc and Jock at  In fact here is our chat with Doug and a few others.

We do more than Interviews.  He are our 3 most popular topic bases podcast.

I’m also pretty active on YouTube.  Check out my channel here and few examples of some of the videos I put out regularly.

If you wanted to look a little more closely at the training template I described in the article here is a glimpse and link FREE access to the full 6 weeks!


Lastly, I promisely! If you aren’t into Weightlifting but want to improve your mobility check out the Doc and Jock 30 Day Movement Challenge linked below!