SIX for SIX Introductory Weightlifting Course*

Coach Joe demonstrates that Weightlifting can be fun, functional, and a great way to get fit by focusing on a skill acquisition approach. He will teach what he believes to be the principal points of performance in order to safely and effectively practice Weightlifting’s three primary movements: the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk.
The principal points introduced include proper positioning, tempo, and force production. Athletes will be guided through these principals by learning the correct positions, practicing efficient bar paths, and doing skill transfer drills. Coach Joe communicates these principles through simple and flexible terms, providing athletes with a structure, not a way, for them to move dynamically with a barbell.

Weightlifting is truly a lifetime pursuit, safe, approachable, and, when trained properly, can lead to improved strength, body composition, bone density, and confidence. Everyone may not hope to break Weightlifting world records, but everyone will benefit from experiencing the principal teaching points taught in Coach Joe’s Six for Six Introductory Weightlifting Course.

*The full introductory course can be broken up into short seminars focusing on one movement at a time.

SIX for SIX Specialty Seminars

Not many coaches have the combine credentials or experiences to match Coach Joe’s. Time and money may also limit your ability to spend an entire weekend dedicated to a single seminar. With those points in mind Joe can draw up a seminar experience to fit the needs of your gym or groups needs and budget. Past topics covered have included movement cycling for the open, incorporating lower level gymnastics into a weightlifting program, Barbell Mobility 101, and rules and meet awareness for competing and running a sanctioned USAW meet.
The Six for Six Short Seminar is a 60-90 minute large group experience tailored to the needs of the group. You may not have a grand or an entire weekend to learn the secrets of the clean and jerk, but how about an hour to cover hangs from the knee?
Six for Six Long Seminars are more – time and content – intense that short seminars. However, very similar to the short seminar experience, Long Seminars can be tailored to the needs of your community. Long Seminars can be anywhere from 3-6 hours.
Contact Joe to schedule a short or long seminar covering a topic that interests your community.

Six for Six Gym Mentorship

Developing a comfortable environment and the relationships necessary to create, challenge and implement ideas doesn’t happen in single seminar or over a weekend. Six for Six Gym Mentorship is a comprehensive package of coaching services designed to pass along everything Joe’s Barbell believes to be best coaching practices. Designed to take your barbell club from zero to hero, Six for Six Gym Mentorship, is an answer to what Joe’s Barbell believes to be a problem with the development of internet sharing and the rise of the weekend certification. A lack of true mentorship has divided fitness communities and placed coaches further in the weeds.
The goal of the Six for Six Gym Mentorship program is to foster a likeminded Weightlifting community by building a knowledgeable and experienced Weightlifting staff. Building great programs takes time. Just as there is not a one size fits all diet and training program for every athlete, there is not a one size fits all process for building a successful barbell club within an existing fitness community.
Joe’s Barbell will help your gym develop an evaluation/introductory Weightlifting process for new and current members; help your community develop a Weightlifting programming perspective and language of their own; provide individual Weightlifting programming and consultation services for your staff; and work toward building a profitable niche within your existing fitness community.
Where the weekend certification and internet chatter fall short, the Six for Six Mentorship Program tightens up the slack. Checking out what the newest name on the scene has to say is great, but when the course is over your staff is only left with more questions. The Six for Six Mentorship program truly aims to develop and provide long term Weightlifting resources to your functional fitness community.

Push Not Pull Seminar

Gym owners, does your staff lack the expertise of a national level Weightlifter or CrossFIt Games level athlete? What about ten plus years of experience learning to and coaching all shapes, sizes and manner of athlete? Joe can make each claim and wants to share his experiences with you, your coaching staff, and fitness community. Six for Six Seminars offer up the opportunity to learn from a guy who has been there and continuing to learn that.